I had a lot of fun with last week’s flash friday. I wanted to juxtapose sci-fi and typical office politics in order to tackle the prompt of “blunder” and a man running down a sand dune. This piece came in at second runner up! I’d love to hear what you think.

A Bad Day at the Office
(209 words)

Trusting Calloway, that was my first mistake.

But, Lord help me, it hadn’t been my last.

From not packing an extra suit to botching the landing, this entire mission had been a haphazard series of blunders that had damn near killed me. But hey, the day wasn’t over yet. It still could.

Smug, pug-nosed Calloway was probably sitting in our commander’s office right then, outlining why she should have my job. Criminally inept. That’s what Scott said she called me the moment after I set out on the mission she promised would “make my career”. Yeah, make it crash and burn anyway.

But hey, I’m an optimist. Even sprinting down the dunes, microscopic shards of silicon berating my unprotected skin, I had a chance. If I could just recover the artifact, complete the mission, and not suffocate, then Calloway’s sadistic little sabotage would fail.

I had about 7 more seconds until the extraction team would be forced to teleport me back to the ship, lest my lungs explode. I could see the strange cube peeking out from the sand at the bottom of the dune. All I had to do was reach out and grab it.

Which totally would’ve worked, if I hadn’t tripped and fallen on my face


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