1. You love the fantasy classics, but are looking for a fresh take on familiar elements

    Quests, visions, demigods, shape-shifting, a marriage proposal…many of the key plot points in Hex Breaker you’ve seen before. But I can promise you that you’ve never seen them quite like this. According to one amazon reviewer, “Hex Breaker is a vivid new take on a wolf-shifter story with a quest fantasy plot that twists and turns.” With a brand new magic system, wolf-shifters who are nothing like traditional werewolves, and twists you won’t see coming, it’s clear why people are calling Hex Breaker “new and different.”

  1. You like complex characters and nuanced villains

    Too many fantasy books fall short of their potential when they spend too much time on plot and world-building at the expense of crafting lifelike characters. This is not the case for Hex Breaker. Our heroes make mistakes and do not escape the consequences. Our villains are not simply evil for the sake of evil. They have human and understandable—if still reprehensible—motivations. Even non-fantasy readers can find themselves immersed in this world, thanks to the focus on relationships and character arcs to which we can all relate. As one reviewer wrote, “The author has created …a plethora of characters that you can’t help but fall in love with, or loathe for that matter.”

  1. You’re tired of stories dumbing down nonhuman animal characters

    This could be the anthrozoologist in me speaking, but I love it when fantasy stories include nonhuman animal characters. However, nothing is more frustrating than authors depicting those characters as stupid simply because they do not understand the world in the same way that humans do. In Hex Breaker, the wolf and dog characters are shown to be just as complex and thoughtful as their human counterparts, but still maintain their canine worldview. For more on writing nonhumans, subscribe to my newsletter and receive a helpful guide to writing realistic nonhuman characters.

  1. You like romance, but don’t want it to dominate the plot

    If you like a little romantic sizzle, but are tired of YA fantasy stories that focus on that element at the expense of the plot or the characters’ other motivations, this might be the book for you. Love is a key motivator in this story, but it comes in many forms, not limited to romantic love. As one reviewer said, there is a “hint of young-adult romance,” but it does not overshadow the other aspects.

  1. You want a heroine who isn’t a damsel in distress, but also isn’t a flawless warrior princess caricature

    Rayna, Hex Breaker’s heroine, is far from a damsel. As a six foot tall, muscular, mud-splattered huntress, she also breaks the annoying super-strong-yet-somehow-still-waifish-and-slender cliché found in so many young adult novels. She is strong enough to fight monsters and climb mountains, and she looks it, too. However, she also does not fall into the cliched warrior princess trap. Rayna makes mistakes. Sometimes major ones. She cries, learns when to fight and when to show restraint, she gets hurt and scarred. Rayna has her strengths and her vulnerabilities. In short, she’s human, and it’s that realism that makes her someone with a story worth following.

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