All right, everyone, truth time. For the first time since this insane journey to publication began, I had a bit of a “moment” the night before release. Until then, even throughout the cover design, editing, formatting, and promoting processes, everything had felt sort of…far away. I knew March 21st was coming closer and closer, but it wasn’t until that night as I lay in bed, holding my final copy of Hex Breaker, thinking about all the pictures friends had sent me of them holding their own copies, that it hit me.

Hex Breaker, my first book, was done.

There was no more editing to be done, changes to be made. It was here, in the world, living inside other people’s minds as it had once lived only inside my own. And although there is plenty of marketing to do, it is time in many ways for me to let go.

It exists beyond me now, to be enjoyed or rejected as readers see fit. As a pre-published writer, I always imagined looking at my completed works on the shelf would give me similar feelings as when I looked at my well-loved and well-read stories by other authors. But my relationship to Hex Breaker is nothing like my relationship to Harry Potter or the Dark Tower series. I’ve known this story from its infancy, throughout its development, and now that it’s here in its final form, I realize that I will never experience it as a reader would, for the first time. I’m in many ways blinded by my history with the story, and can only hope that others will enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

So, I’d just like to take a moment to say goodbye to Hex Breaker, the secret project shared only with my closest friends, and hello to Hex Breaker, the book. My part in your life-cycle has passed. Who knows what the future holds, but for better or for worse, I’m glad that I created you.

It’s time now to turn my creative attention to your sequel, Twice Blessed, and the other projects I have waiting in the wings. But it’s comforting to know that while my time writing you is in the past, you’ll always be there on my shelf.

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  1. The world is a far better place because Hex Breaker exists. Ageless stories such as this will always burn, perhaps slowly at first, but smolder throughout the ages.

    I have yet to imagine what you are feeling about your story but to say it mimics a birth is probably not too far off base.

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