Happy spring everyone! If, like me, you’ve been sorely disappointed by the season’s poor (that is, cold) showing thus far, what better way to warm yourself up then by snuggling up with a good book? Luckily for you, I’ve got just the book. That talented and prolific Tamara Shoemaker has stopped by once again, this time to discuss her latest offering, Shadows of Uprising. Let’s see what she has to say this time around, shall we?


TNK: Tell us about one of your characters from Shadows of Uprising in fifteen words or less.

TS: Daymon—an introvert you hate to love who walks a narrow line between duty and desire.

TNK: Which world would you rather inhabit—the world of Guardian of the Vale or Heart of a Dragon? Why?

TS: That’s a hard one; I’ve spent a lot of time in both worlds, so I have to qualify the statement by saying I thoroughly love both. However, if it came right down to it, I lived with Guardian of the Vale first, and as my first love, it holds me the closest. Cool as Dragons are, particularly if I were able to, you know, ride them without getting eaten, I just can’t quite get over the idea of how awesome it would be to wield one of the four elements. (TNK- I have to agree!)

TNK:What can you tell us about the mysterious “Vale”? Will we learn more about it in the upcoming book?

TS: The entire trilogy centers around the Vale. Throughout Mark of Four, you have a vague mention of it here and there, and all you know is that it has something to do with Alayne and the fact that she can wield all four elements. In Shadows of Uprising, the Vale becomes the central focal point for a power-hungry Alliance that wants to restore the earth to elementals only, and Alayne finds herself caught in the middle of the maelstrom. Guardian of the Vale will focus on the final reckoning when the world has fallen apart and only Alayne can find a way toward peace. I don’t want to say too much, but I can tell you I’m super excited to release that third book. It’ll answer all the questions that have been raised throughout the trilogy and bring the action to a climactic and satisfying end. 🙂

TNK: The first book in this trilogy ended with a rather shocking twist. Can readers expect the same from Shadows of Uprising?

TS: Haha! I admit, I had fun dangling that first ending, but I’ve always been a bit of a pest. 😉 Shadows of Uprising will absolutely leave the reader wanting more, although it doesn’t end quite as abruptly. As it is, I feel like the book leaves the reader with a form of hope, but hope like the hope of an approaching tsunami and one must brace for impact. (TNK- so by hope, you mean terror-fueled adrenaline. That’s comforting :P)

TNK: I’ve been surprised by the choices some of your characters make and the paths they follow. Are you ever surprised by your characters?

TS: Yes! All the time. I usually plan the characters in some detail before I ever even put them on my laptop screen, but they constantly twist my plans. So by the time I’m halfway done with the book, my character notes are useless, because they’ve morphed so much from how they began. Take Daymon Houser for instance (see question #1): he was originally a blip on the screen. I had a short line in my character notes that said: “Daymon Houser – class bully, all around pain-in-the-rear.”

Somehow, he turns around and becomes one of the main heroes that lasts through the entire trilogy. I have no idea how, except that he just wasn’t having it. “I’m worth more than one line,” he shouted at me. “Give me more depth!”

What could I do? My hands were tied (sort of. My fingers could still type, though). 🙂


Well folks, I’d say “that’s all she wrote”, but fortunately for us, she actually wrote an awesome book too. Here’s a little teaser:

Alayne Worth possesses the Vale, an object of mysterious power coveted by other Elementals. Danger shadows her every step when this secret spreads. As she grieves the sudden death of her boyfriend at the hands of the notorious Shadow-Caster, Simeon Malachi, Alayne unravels the mysteries of the Vale and her past.

When she returns to Clayborne to pursue her Elemental training, Alayne is plagued by disturbing visions that predict a dark future. As an ominous Alliance of pure-blood Elementals spreads intolerance across the Continent, Alayne’s visions show evidence of the truth–and reveal a deadly danger to her loved ones. Alayne must conquer her fears and use her power to muster an uprising that will obliterate the only way of life she’s ever known.

Tamara Shoemaker lives in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia with her husband, three children, a few jars of Nutella, and a never-ending carafe of coffee. She authored the Amazon best-selling Shadows in the Nursery Christian mystery series and Soul Survivor, another Christian mystery. Her fantasy books include the beginning of the Heart of a Dragon trilogy: Kindle the Flame, as well as Mark of Four and Shadows of Uprising, the first two books in the Guardian of the Vale trilogy. In her spare time, she freelances as an editor for other works of fiction.

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