Hey everyone! As a newbie-vegan, I thought it might be fun and helpful to track my meal plans as I start down this fulfilling journey. So if you’re a newbie-vegan like me, hopefully these “Adventures in Veganism” posts will help you along your journey too. If you’re an old pro, then maybe you’ll get some ideas for yummy new dishes (and I would love for you to share your faves in the comments!). And for all my omnivorous friends out there, I hope you might be inspired to try a dish or two for Meatless Monday.

Here’s the plan for 6/26-7/2: Counting snacks, drinks, and other extras, our grocery bill still came in comfortably under $100. (I cook for two, but two people well over six feet tall, so probably more like four)

Sunday: Vegan “Chicken Parmesan”

  • Gardein chicken tenders with marinara sauce, pasta, and go veggie “parmesan cheese”

Monday: Asian Stir Fry

  • Squash noodles (using a vegetti), tofu, snow peas, peppers, all mixed up with soy sauce/ginger/garlic/coconut oil/thai sweet chili sauce

Tuesday: Meatless Meatball Subs

  • Gardein meatless meatballs in marinara sauce on wheat sub rolls, topped with black olives and goveggie “parmesan cheese”

Wednesday: Tofu Wraps

  • Sliced tofu with mustard (or vegan condiment of choice), olives, peppers, spinach, in spinach wraps.

Thursday: Orange “Chicken” with rice and veggies

  • Gardein (I should really buy stock) “mandarin chicken” with brown rice and veggies of choice (snow peas in this case)

Friday: “Chicken” tenders and fries

  • Gardein chicken strips + frozen french fries (aka easiest food ever)

Saturday: Out with family

I will post these recipes/shopping list as I work through them. It’s going to be a yummy week!